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Who is the WWE 619 Master Mysterio’s Daughter? know about her relationship, Age, Weight, Height, Net Worth and More

We’re sure you all remember the silky and cruising Rey Mysterio and the plain sailing moves he used in the ring, which gave birth to a whole new fighting style. Aalyah Gutierrez is her daughter. Many would wonder why didn’t Aalyah choose to be a wrestler just like her father, given the fact that she was born into a family of wrestlers, but after gaining fame as Rey Mysterio’s daughter.

she had already made up her mind to become a social media personality and gaining traction wasn’t tough for her. Gutierrez is infamous for an incident that occurred in 2020 at WWE Smackdown where she kissed Buddy Murphy in the ring in front of her whole family.

Aalyah Gutierrez’s Age, Height, and Weight:

Aalyah Mysterio (full name Aalyah Gutierrez) was born to the famous WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio and Angie Gutierrez on August 20th, 2001 in the Golden State of California in the United States of America. Aalyah is currently 20 years old. Although famous as Rey Mysterio’s daughter, she prefers to be called by her surname on her mother’s side (Gutierrez). The surname Gutierrez originated in Spain but also has patches in Mexico. So, by this, it can be assumed that She is of Mexican descent with a little Filipino Race running in her blood.

Aalyah is not the only born; she has a younger sibling, Dominik Mysterio, who, unlike her, followed his father’s path and became a professional WWE wrestler. Being a wrestler’s daughter, She has a great physique and inherited most of the features from her father, which includes height. She is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, which is not bad. Aalyah, a fitness freak, also doesn’t weigh much as she focuses on her health and has a weight of around 52 kg.

Aalyah’s Early Life And Education:  

Aalyah’s spent her early life as a princess. Rey Mysterio looked to that she was never disappointed and got what she wanted. She was never away from the spotlight for a long because of her father, she and her mother went to all of Rey’s matches to cheer him up and also for her to get a chance to see her father in action and defeat opponents almost twice bigger than him effortlessly.

Aalyah led a very luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, she has everything her life has to offer thanks to her Father’s acrobatic fighting moves in the ring. Not much information is available about Aalyah’s education but her highest qualification is that she has completed her graduation with majors in an unnamed field from an elite college in California, her hometown. She is also said to be attended her high school from a private institution, also in California.

Aalyah Gutierrez’s Career:

After completing her graduation, Aalyah went on to become a social media personality. She was already famous as Rey Mysterio’s daughter, so she didn’t have to wait for much to increase her audience, especially since the 20-year-old had already developed a good following. And she is also said to be a fitness freak who watches what she eats to maintain a stunning figure. Already being popular because of her father and maintaining a healthy lifestyle landed her gigs for acting in some local TV Shows and product advertisements.

She is also said to be doing ramp walks like a model for various fashion brands and also doing photoshoots. Being a social media influencer, the majority of her professional life includes trying new beauty products from famous companies and reviewing them, which helps in creating engaging content between her followers and the brand she is advertising.

Aalyah Gutierrez’s Boyfriend:

“619’s” daughter is not the type that keeps her relationship private. Aalyah is dating Joshua Thomas. Not many details are available on how both met, but they started dating each other in 2019 and have been spotted together at various public functions, WWE matches, sports events, etc. She recently celebrated her boyfriend’s 22nd birthday when she shared a cute photo of her and Joshua on Instagram at a baseball match with a lovely caption.

Before dating Joshua, She was said to be together with AJ Hernandez, a popular basketball player playing for the San Antonio Spurs, but the relationship didn’t last long. One famous incident regarding her relationship happened on national TV in the WWE ring, where she kissed Buddy Murphy live in front of almost 30,000 people and confessed her love for him. Later, Buddy in an interview, claimed that the whole thing was scripted by the producers to create more drama.

Aalyah’s Net-Worth:

Aalyah’s net worth is said to be somewhere in the range of $200k to $500k. Being the daughter of Rey Mysterio and the sister of Dominik Mysterio, she doesn’t have to worry about her net worth as both her brother and father are getting cheques with huge amounts for fighting in one of the most popular wrestling tournaments on the planet.

Aalyah’s majority of earnings come from her social media, where she reviews products or dresses by famous brands. She also earns by part-timing modelling and doing photoshoots. She has also appeared in commercials and some TV shows, which add to her net worth, but her main source of income is social media, where she signs deals and advertises products.

Gutierrez’s On Social Media Reputation:

Aalyah is very active on all major social media platforms given that she is a social media influencer by profession. The WWE Stars’ daughter has 381k followers on Instagram (@aalyahgutierrez) which is not surprising given that she is Rey Mysterio’s daughter, because of which she has gained such traction. Aalyah mostly posts pictures of her with her boyfriend, Joshua Thomas, visiting different places.

She also posts pictures flaunting her perfect bikini body on beaches and photographs with her family and celebrities such as Chris Brown, Swae Lee, J. Balvin, etc. She also has a Twitter account, which was recently suspended for violating Twitter rules. Aalyah is also on Snapchat under the username aalyahgutierrez.

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