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Which Software Should You Choose – Charmhealth EHR vs. Athenahealth EHR

It is a completely operational EHR solution that also covers pharmacies in addition to medical practices. Additionally, Charmhealth EHR covers the needs of care providers across a global footprint to save clients’ lives by removing every kink in your healthcare setting. Reviewing the entire clinical workflow enables healthcare experts to meet their medical, administrative, and financial needs. Additionally, by satisfying their specific needs, its features that are tailored to fit help practices excel at what they do.

The EHR products it has collaborated with to enhance the care facilities are the heart of this specialized Intelligent Medical Software. It offers a customized yet integrated workflow for everyone and covers a variety of specialties. Information flow is ensured to be seamless as the Charmhealth EHR software synchronizes with the medical practice. Additionally, all operational devices and handheld gadgets can access this solution. In addition, this free solution has simplified telemedicine with its HIPAA-compliant features.

About Athenaheath EHR

With integrated practice management, care coordination, and other features, AthenaHealth is an EHR (Digital Health Records) solution designed to support hospitals, physicians, and medical communities. The Athena EHR, AthenaCollector, AthenaCoordinator, AthenaClarity, AthenaClinicals, and AthenaCommunicator modules make up the system. Users’ practice management requirements are managed by AthenaCollector, and AthenaCoordinator makes information sharing and order transmission more convenient. To help users optimise their business processes and financial management, AthenaClarity offers data analytics. AthenaClinicals provide a platform for managing electronic medical records, and AthenaCommunicator enables doctor-patient and doctor-to-doctor communication.

Athenahealth EHR Features

Customizable Templates

To gather clinical data, many practices use editable templates. These templates serve as a reminder to providers of the data they must record during a visit. They facilitate the execution of various reports and analyses. Users can switch between text and templates in the new athenaClinicals templates for Mobius. The software’s templates can help you save time and maintain consistency in your documentation. Some justifications for using templates include the following. Overworked physicians are experiencing burnout, which is exacerbated by ineffective EMR use. Templates can eliminate countless hours of repetitive documentation. Customized templates and editable notes are supported by the athenahealth and Mobius EHR systems. For some procedures, you can select pre-made templates if you don’t need customizable ones.

Clinical Documentation

Since this module essentially acts as the EHR database, the documentation of healthcare information is streamlined and simplified with the AthenaClinicals solution. Doctors can concentrate on more important tasks and enhance their services by eliminating the need for hundreds of file cabinets to organize patient records. With this, all of the records are moved to the cloud for easy retrieval. The records can also be updated instantly. For doctors who are closely observing their patients, reviewing a patient’s medical history, or conducting research, AthenaClinicals offers additional tools. Records can be quickly accessed for specific cases and easily organized in a logical structure.

Communication Management

Patients can use the AthenaCommunicator tool to quickly and simply communicate with the health center via email or web texting. Additionally, it can be used by some patients who need specialized care. The platform makes it simple for you to set up after-hours cell service for urgent situations. Since the system can help doctors and patients coordinate the best schedule for both, the number of missed consultations and no-show clients can also be decreased.

Top Charmhealth EHR Features

Patient Portal

Patients can securely message doctors using the CharmHealth patient portal. They can also view visit overviews, handouts, care plans, prescription refills, pay bills, sign forms, make appointments, and more. Additionally, this portal functions as a personal health portal that enables patients to set wellness objectives and monitor their advancement toward them. The Kiosk app, which asks users to complete demographic information, consent forms, and surveys to speed up check-in times, is another characteristic of the patient portal. During the CharmHealth demo, you can see the portal and its features.

Electronic Prescriptions

The Charmhealth EHR has an element called e-prescribing that promotes accurate information exchange while saving time for all parties. More than 70,000 pharmacies are connected to the Charmhealth EHR, enabling the submission of digital prescriptions and handling medication refill requests. The Charmhealth EHR also establishes connections with numerous laboratories, transmitting and receiving lab orders digitally.

Cloud-Based Functionality

Since Charmhealth EHR is cloud-based and accessible from any location in the world. Additionally, this EHR software can be synced with any gadget, including smartphones, wearables, and televisions. Additionally, Charmhealth EHR users have access to mobile apps for managing operational tasks. For instance, the Charm RCM app lets you view and handle health coverage insurance claims and collections, whereas the Scheduler App enables you to schedule consultations for your patients.

Charmhealth EHR Reviews

The Charmhealth EHR’s features and functionalities appear to have greatly impressed users. Charmhealth’s simple and sterile interference has pleased users. The patient portal feature has received the most praise from medical professionals. Doctors also claim that lab reports are simple to understand. Overall, reviews are positive.

Athenahealth EHR Reviews

Reviews of Athena EMR show that the vendor does, in fact, deliver on its promises. It coordinates the provision of patient care throughout the healthcare system. This software’s population health service enables simple patient tracking. It produces much better medical results. It offers data-driven insights to aid in developing improved clinical tactics. The program is fairly simple to use and fulfills all of its promises. It ensures excellent clinical management abilities and point-of-care communication. Users believe, however, that access to laboratories could be simpler.

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