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What Forms of Fills do Designers Employ in Cooling Towers?

A cooling tower is being implemented in the construction, which is busy heavily. It is a device that rejects heat from entering the atmosphere. In the cooling tower cooling water is treated and recycled making full utilization of the resources of water. There are many advantages of a chiller cooling tower that reduce operating costs and load on the tap water supply.

There are many factors that determine the performance of the tower. One of the most important things is the filling material. The fill type is going to determine the quality, performance, and efficiency. If the fill will be good the tower will work properly. There are different types of fill so you must choose carefully. When the right fill is implemented the water will be low on more surfaces and the hot water will rapidly be cooled.

Film fill

Film fill is a corrugated pattern-shaped sheet that lets the water across. It can be stacked and combined into stacks. This way required thickness can be achieved. The heights can also be achieved by stacking.  It equally distributes the fill area and has enough surfaces for water to spread and cool.  Today film fill is also a popular fill because of its look and ability to give packed volume.

Splash fill

There are horizontal slats or slabs used in splash fill.  When warm water falls on the slabs it spreads in each corner, breaks and small droplets are produced.  The more the droplets the increase occurs in the water flow and air flow. This sceneries the rate of cooling and evaporation. Splash fill is a traditional method and earlier it was made of wood.  Today modern-day equipment is made from VC. PVC is used because of its efficiency and it is also better when it comes to heat transfer. Maintenance of the splash fill is also easy.

These are the two types of fills commonly used in the cooling tower. With the use of a cooling tower, the hot water gets a greater surface to cool down. There is a water container where cooled water is stored and the processes recycled again. A cooling tower is one piece of equipment in some huge facilities but it is important.  In the summer months, you cannot ignore its importance. So if you have one on your site or you are looking to implant a new one you must know as much as you can about the chiller cooling tower. This way you will be able to buy the right one according to the plant capacity. Choosing the right fill is also important.

How does cooling tower fill work?

Cooling towers are simple devices that take hot water from your plant and cool it down. This water can be reused again and again. The water is cooled using the evaporation method. There are components in the box which enhance the mechanism. So when you need to choose a fill keep these important considerations in your mind.

Water quality should be good

 If you choose a wrong fill it will reduce efficiency and you might also lose production that day.  If the fill is not used correctly you might have to change it again and again. This is going to be hefty in your pocket. You must choose a fill that matches your water quality. You can also use a companion water treatment that will complement your plant.  You can use three factors when you are selecting your fill. These are

·         Biological activity

·         Total suspended solids

·         Oil/grease content

You can use other evaluating factors like silica, magnesium, and calcium scaling. These evaluations will promote bio growth. These are the factors that characterize the elements which are solid and present in the water. These solid elements can adhere to the fill. When you use supplementation it will eliminate potential difficulties that will dissolve the solids. Solids can create perceptions that can cause scaling issues. In water, there is one very important thing and that is to keep the bio growth under control. Design should not only be the consideration but there are other significant evaluations that are also necessary.

Common fills

As you will see the fill designs vary and for different water quality they can be selected accordingly. The design is what will allow the water to flow. Excessive weight in the fill can cause structural issues.  Macro structures are the basic design that can be taken into account. Common macro structures include vertically fluted, offset fluted and cross fluted corrugations. These designs are available in the trickle fills, the film fills and modular splash fills.  It totally depends upon you which filling is best for your chiller cooling tower. You can buy the best fills from Complete Engineered Solutions. They have plenty of designs available to suit your requirement.

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