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What are the benefits of video feedback?


Video feedback is a compelling way to help your employees grow and improve. It’s a great way to give honest, constructive criticism in a non-threatening environment. The video recording can be watched repeatedly, so the employee doesn’t have to focus on reading or listening while receiving feedback in real-time.

Boost knowledge retention

Students retain more information when they see themselves on video. A study by Karpicke and Roediger showed that students who watched a video of themselves speaking about a topic were more likely to remember what they learned weeks later compared to students who heard the same information spoken aloud by another in person or over the phone. This makes sense: watching yourself on video triggers your memory of the event much more than hearing it described by someone else.

Video feedback allows people to learn from their mistakes, so they don’t make them again in future presentations or conversations with others.

Increase engagement

Video feedback is a great tool to use in all fields, including education and training. This can be done by giving students a way to reflect on their learning, helping them improve upon it. It can also be used at work for the employee to learn from themselves, giving them the opportunity to review where they need to grow. Video feedback is a great tool for both employee growth and personal development.

From there, they can take steps toward improving those aspects of themselves that might have previously been hidden from view by simply looking at themselves in the mirror or talking with friends about how they feel about how they look.

Facilitate a personal connection

As a form of feedback, video allows you to find the root causes of specific problems and help employees grow. It also makes performance management more accessible and less intimidating, which lets even introverted managers do it more often.

Visual feedback is a powerful learning tool for teachers and students.

Video feedback is a great way to get immediate, specific, and constructive help from an expert. Using video feedback can accelerate the learning process and reduce the time it takes to learn something new. A video is also a powerful tool for communication between teachers and parents. Parents are able to see their child’s progress through the videos sent home by teachers, which helps them better understand what their child is learning at school or how well they’re doing in certain subjects or classes.

Video feedback brings an unprecedented level of personal connection. It makes giving and receiving feedback more enjoyable, productive, and helpful for all types of learners. Online video feedback can help all students become more active learners who feel confident during class time, are eager to apply their new skills outside of the classroom, and feel more comfortable participating in team-based learning activities.

Additionally, video enables teachers to observe each other and provide feedback on aspects of teaching that may need improvement—for example, if one teacher has an excellent way of explaining math concepts while another does not explain them at all effectively; this information could be shared with all teachers so that everyone learns from one another’s strengths!


Visual feedback is a powerful learning tool for teachers and students. It can help students learn more effectively, improve their engagement in class, and create a more personal connection between teacher and student. It’s also very easy to use—all it takes is a smartphone or tablet with the appropriate app installed!

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