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Titan raised a $30M Investment to Build Next-Gen Professional Email

Titan is the first professional email suite specifically designed for professionals and businesses. The company received an investment of $30 million from Automattic to re-invent professional email. The Series A valuation amounts to $300 million.

The fact that 1/6th of the global population uses email for professional reasons, yet minimalistic innovation has been done in this field. Over the last two decades, emails had no drastic improvements, which was the driving factor of this investment. Even the Founder and CEO of Titan, Bhavin Turakhia highlighted that they have built a platform to help professionals streamline their workflows, automate tasks, and make contextual conversations. 

The various features offered by Titan are listed below:

  • It brings businesses closer to their customer in the most professional way possible.
  • It offers the much-needed Scheduled Send option that enables the users to schedule the emails to be delivered at the time when they’re most likely to be read.
  • Not just this, it even offers an auto-send option for follow-ups and reminders. It is the easiest way to stay persistent when it comes to following up on potential leads.
  • Titan even offers pre-designed Email templates. Users need not create a draft from scratch all the time. They can select a suitable template and send out a new email just with a click of a button.                                                  

Titan, for now, has partnerships with leading web presence providers such as WordPress. That is, anyone who purchases a three-month subscription to WordPress can use Titan as well. As per Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Automattic, they believe in the potential of Titan. They are sure that this investment will lead to a world-class suite that offers a customized user experience with a well-curated dashboard that allows users to have ownership and control over their personal data. Titan aims to leverage this investment to expand its product suite and deliver higher value to its valued customers and potential future users.           

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