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RightBound raises $15M in Series A round worth $ 27M

The transformation of the sales industry is possible under AI and automation. A Harvard Business Review report in 2020 stated that AI would produce $ 2.6 trillion in marketing and sales. rightbound series series 27mwiggersventurebeat. The bulk of the value comes from cultivating alignment between marketing and sales. Salespeople can access data-driven coaching.

AI has its own set of challenges. A Teradata survey posits 90% of businesses predict face barriers when adopting AI sales and integration. This is because AI systems may need expensive data prep and infrastructure. AI marketing can get the tag of being “creepy” if it is not implemented responsibly.

Target once used customer data to find that one customer was pregnant. However, her family was not aware of the situation.

Ran Oelgiesser and Rotem Dafni knew about the challenges of Ain integration in sales in RightBound. This platform automates manual B2B sales. They collect data and perform outreach for the sales reps. They inform them when a prospective customer reaches out.

RightBound raised $15.5 million, making their Series A round worth $ 27 million. It saw the participation of the IBI Tech Fund, Innovation Endeavours and Operator Collective.

RightBound gathers intel on development efforts. They analyze customer profiles with information like email address, phone number and past job roles. They reach out in the first step on behalf of the sales team.

RightBound eliminates the process of manual search for prospects. The platform has connections to dozens of data and sales activities. They do so once the profiles have been verified and have all the details. It allows the sales team to perform their job efficiently. RightBound is a growing start-up working on AI to sales, enabling the marketing process. The investment is reflective of the upward ascent of RightBound.

They want to help the sales team adjust to the re-service tools as they integrate the software into candidate recruitment. This solution has proved valuable to various sales companies and reps for over two years. It is finding relevant prospects and classifying them into a sales channel.

Their intensive hiring doubled their employees, a momentum they will keep intact. The funds will fund the company in product development, engineering and data science. They plan to increase their growth threefold.

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