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Oxbotica 140M Series 225Mlundentechcrunch


Oxbotica, a leading autonomous vehicle software company, has recently made waves in the tech industry with its remarkable Series A funding round, securing a staggering $140 million. This significant investment, led by technology investment firm MLund & Co., signifies the growing importance and potential of autonomous mobility solutions. With its groundbreaking technology and innovative approach, Oxbotica is poised to revolutionize the future of transportation and solidify its position as a trailblazer in the autonomous vehicle industry. Oxbotica 140M Series 225Mlundentechcrunch

Unleashing the Power of Autonomy:

Oxbotica has gained widespread recognition for its advanced software platform, which enables vehicles to navigate and operate autonomously in complex and dynamic environments. Their cutting-edge technology empowers self-driving cars, industrial vehicles, and other autonomous systems to perceive their surroundings, make intelligent decisions, and execute precise actions, all without human intervention.

The Series A Funding:

The successful completion of the 140M Series A funding round is a testament to the investors’ confidence in Oxbotica’s vision and potential. Led by MLund & Co., the round attracted participation from prominent investors such as BGF, BP Ventures, Halma, HostPlus, IP Group, Tencent, and Venture Science. This substantial investment will be instrumental in fueling Oxbotica’s research and development efforts, accelerating the deployment of its autonomous software in various sectors, and expanding its global footprint.

Accelerating Autonomous Applications:

With the newfound capital, Oxbotica aims to accelerate the deployment of its autonomous technology across multiple industries, including transportation, logistics, mining, and more. The company’s software platform, known as the “Oxbotica Autonomy Stack,” provides a comprehensive suite of tools and algorithms that can be integrated into various vehicle types, making them capable of operating autonomously. This versatility allows Oxbotica to cater to a wide range of applications and address the specific needs of different industries. Oxbotica 140M Series 225Mlundentechcrunch

Collaborations and Strategic Partnerships:

Oxbotica has formed strategic partnerships with several industry leaders, further strengthening its position in the autonomous mobility landscape. The company has joined forces with major players such as BP, Navtech, and Gatwick Airport to develop and deploy autonomous systems in real-world scenarios. These collaborations not only showcase the trust and confidence that industry leaders have in Oxbotica’s technology but also provide invaluable opportunities for real-world testing and validation.

A Universal Approach to Autonomy:

What sets Oxbotica apart from many other players in the autonomous vehicle industry is its commitment to a “universal” approach. Rather than focusing on developing autonomous vehicles themselves, Oxbotica is dedicated to delivering its software platform that can be integrated into any vehicle, regardless of the make, model, or application. This approach opens up a world of possibilities, allowing existing vehicles to be retrofitted with autonomy, reducing costs, and facilitating widespread adoption of autonomous technology.

Safety and Compliance:

Safety is of paramount importance in the autonomous vehicle industry, and Oxbotica places it at the forefront of its development efforts. The company has implemented rigorous safety measures and validation processes to ensure the reliability and robustness of its autonomous systems. Furthermore, Oxbotica is actively engaged with regulatory bodies and industry organizations to establish industry standards and best practices for autonomous vehicles, fostering a safer and more trustworthy ecosystem.


Oxbotica’s successful completion of the 140M Series A funding round marks a significant milestone in the autonomous vehicle industry. With its cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, and commitment to safety, Oxbotica is at the forefront of transforming autonomous mobility. The company’s universal approach to autonomy and its groundbreaking software platform have the potential to revolutionize transportation, logistics, and numerous other industries. As Oxbotica continues to advance its technology and expand its global reach, we can expect to witness a future where autonomous vehicles play an integral role in our daily lives. Oxbotica 140M Series 225Mlundentechcrunch

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