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The Most Stolen Cars of 2022: Protecting Your Ride from Thieves


In the world of automobile theft, certain models tend to attract more attention from thieves than others. While car manufacturers continually improve their security features, determined criminals find ways to exploit vulnerabilities. In 2022, several car models became prime targets for theft due to their popularity, value, and lack of robust security measures. In this article, we will delve into the most stolen cars of 2022, highlighting their features and offering tips to safeguard your vehicle.

The Top 5 Most Stolen Cars of 2022

Honda Civic:

  • The Honda Civic has long been a favorite among car thieves due to its popularity and high demand for parts.
  • Lack of advanced anti-theft technology makes older models more vulnerable.
  • Thieves target various parts, including engines, airbags, and catalytic converters.

Ford F-150:

  • As one of the best-selling trucks in the United States, the Ford F-150 is highly sought after by thieves.
  • Lack of sufficient security measures in older models and high value on the black market make it an attractive target.
  • Components such as tailgates, wheels, and headlights are commonly stolen.

Toyota Camry:

  • The Toyota Camry’s reliability and popularity contribute to its desirability among thieves.
  • Lack of effective anti-theft systems in older models makes them more vulnerable.
  • Thieves often target parts such as airbags, navigation systems, and catalytic converters.

Chevrolet Silverado:

  • The Chevrolet Silverado, another popular truck, ranks high on the thieves’ hit list.
  • Older models are particularly susceptible due to outdated security features.
  • Valuable components like tailgates, rims, and navigation systems are often stolen.

Honda Accord:

  • The Honda Accord’s reputation for reliability and high demand for parts make it an appealing target for car thieves.
  • Older models are more vulnerable due to less advanced security measures.
  • Airbags, catalytic converters, and engines are among the most frequently stolen parts.

Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

Install an aftermarket anti-theft system:

  • Enhance your car’s security by adding an aftermarket alarm, immobilizer, or GPS tracking system.
  • These additional security measures act as a deterrent and can help recover your vehicle if stolen.

Park in well-lit and secure areas:

  • Choose parking spots that are well-lit and frequented by people, reducing the chances of theft.
  • If possible, park in garages or secure parking lots with surveillance cameras.

Lock your vehicle and keep valuables hidden:

  • Always lock your car, even when parked for a short period.
  • Avoid leaving valuable items in plain sight, as they can attract thieves and break-ins.

Use a steering wheel lock or kill switch:

  • Steering wheel locks and kill switches add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle.
  • These devices make it more difficult for thieves to start and drive your car.

Vehicle identification number (VIN) etching:

  • Etch your vehicle’s VIN onto the windows, making it less attractive for thieves.
  • Stolen parts become easier to trace and harder to sell with visible identification.


While car theft remains an unfortunate reality, taking proactive steps to protect your vehicle can significantly reduce the risk. The most stolen cars of 2022 were targeted due to their popularity, lack of advanced security measures in older models, and high demand for parts. By implementing the suggested security measures and staying vigilant, you can safeguard your car and deter potential thieves from targeting your ride. Remember, prevention is key when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

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