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Is your packaging unit missing an automatic tape dispenser?

Just like the production unit, the packaging unit of any operation also plays a vital role in keeping the business profitable in the long run. Doesn’t matter how good your product is or how well it solves the problem of the customers, if it doesn’t reach their doorstep safely and in a single piece, no one will be interested in making a transaction with your business. 

Packaging of a product is done in a step-by-step process and every step needs to be crafted to perfection to reduce downtime, boost the speed, and increase the productivity of the people working in the packaging unit. But there is one simple tool that many businesses forget to add to the arsenal of their packaging experts and that is an automatic tape dispenser. 

Using an automatic tape dispenser might sound like an obvious thing that almost every business out there must provide to its packaging experts but that’s not the case. And if your packaging unit is missing it then you have come to the right place. 

Here, we will discuss the different types of automatic tape dispensers and why it is imperative to every packaging unit. 

Different types of automatic tape dispensers 

Hand-held packaging tape dispenser 

This is the most common type of automatic tape dispenser and as the name suggests, it is a hand-held model. This type of tape dispenser is user-friendly and it saves a lot of time and effort while packaging any size of the product.

Carton sealing tape dispenser 

This is the most common type of tape dispenser that you must have seen in YouTube videos or packaging units. These are made from high-impact steel and plastic. A mix of roll-on mechanisms and heat-treated blades are used for sealing packages with ease and effectiveness. 

Pistol grip tape dispenser 

It is an ideal choice for all those packages that require wider roll tapes. Almost every kind of big packaging requires wider tapes and that’s why they are commonly used in large packaging units. A pistol grip tape dispenser can fit tape up to 2” wide. 

Semi-automatic tape applicator

This is the most advanced tape dispenser on the list and the speed at which it can seal boxes is indescribably good. It is a bit costlier than all the tape dispensers that we have mentioned till now but since it can seal up 40 boxes per minute, it is worth its price. 

Benefits of using an automatic tape dispenser 

Diminished wastage

The epiphany of how much product is wasted in packaging material doesn’t require a year of experience working as a packaging expert. Even if you have packed a gift with a pair of scissors and glittering sheets, you must have realized how much you have to throw in the garbage. 

Using tapes with hands reduces the adhesive properties of the tape and makes it less effective. An automatic tape dispenser can reduce this wastage of tape and this reduction in wastage can have a huge impact on a business that deals with a high volume of packaging every day. 

Lighting fast speed 

Saving time in the operation is the key to success in any business and the same goes for your packaging department. Slow and outdated tools and methods can slow down your packaging and thus the product might not reach the market at the right time. An automatic tape dispenser can give wings to your packaging speed and make your employees more effective. 

Regardless of whether you are using a semi-automatic tape applicator or a hand-held tape dispenser, they all prove to be more efficient than applying tape with your bare hands. 

High level of consistency 

There is no room for error when it comes to packaging. Even if your error ratio is low in the packaging unit, you must work on it since nobody likes to receive a product in a damaged packet. Well, one way to ameliorate the situation is to use the best automatic tape dispenser you can find online. 

Taping by hand leaves room for human errors and it can make the product fall out of the package. But this can be avoided by simply equipping the employees working in the packaging department with an automatic tape dispenser. These tape dispensers can easily reduce the number of discrepancies and ensure a high level of consistency. 

 You don’t need to rebuild your packaging unit and strategy from scratch to ameliorate the degrading packaging situation in your business. In many cases, you only need to focus on the small changes that are having a bigger impact on your packaging process. Switching from hand taping to the automatic tape dispenser can be a good start as it offers numerous benefits and allows your workers to be more effective and productive.

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