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Is Nail Polish Safe For Kids?

Kid’s learning and growth involve finding several means to express themselves – most of which are creative. And on that account, nail polish and painting nails are some of the most common activities that interest both male and female kids.

Now, as long as you use kid friendly nail polish, everything is calm and chill – but if you don’t, some essential factors about the safety of nail polish usage need to be kept in mind. Read on and note all these pointers before it’s too late. 

Toxic nail paints

It is widespread knowledge that some of the nail paints and brands available on the market are highly toxic and can go on to damage the nails of your child. The easiest way to do that is quickly run your eyes through the ingredient list on the back of the bottle. 

Here are some of the common chemicals that you must be wary of, when you are using kid-friendly nail polish are:

Formaldehyde: prolonged exposure to Formaldehyde leads to respiratory problems and can cause cancer.

Toluene: Toluene is used in paint thinning chemicals and similar cleaning products. Taking in vast amounts of this chemical can cause problems with the nervous system and your upper respiratory/ breathing system.

Dibutyl phthalate: one such chemical that has been linked to congenital disabilities and is presently banned in the EU or the European Union is Dibutyl phthalate. Johnson and Johnson don’t use this chemical anymore, nor does the famous nail paint brand OPI.

Scratching it off

Another factor to remember is that your kid must be at the proper age to use nail polish/ Why? Well, for the simple reason that if your child is very young, they might scratch and peel the nail point off.

Now, that has two big negatives: firstly, the fact that you spent 20 dollars on nail paint is officially down the drain. The second aspect is that these scratched-off bits are very harmful to the human body, and since your kid doesn’t know any better – they may ingest them.

This action could have severe impacts such as choking, extreme coughs, and inadequate health for your kid. Because of such results, you are responsible for saying no to your child.

You can avoid the usage

Now that you have understood that there can be many cons to using nail polish in kids – especially when done at the wrong age. What this means is that as your child grows up, you should be able to say no to some of their whims and fancies once in a while.

Your child might not appreciate this and can even go on to be angry, but the overall benefit of this act is that your kid will be safe. Over the years, wait for the right time for her to apply nail polish and take your child to the best salon, making sure that the quality is top-notch. 

Wrapping Up

That’s it on the safety of nail polish for kids and what you can do about it. It is best to ensure that you and your kid use safe, user-friendly nail paints that won’t wreck the person’s health in the case. Plus, don’t do the painting process yourself; instead, go for reputed salons and experts. Purchase and use brands that are kids friendly and have the correct formulas. You should not deny your child of the artistic benefits, and at the same time, check the product and the brand to be sure to provide an exciting makeup time for your little one.

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