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ICR Technology – Reducing Human Efforts to Maintain Records Digitally

As technology develops, so do the methods for integrating it into the contemporary business environment. Technology is being used by businesses more and more to automate workflow and simplify procedures like purchasing and accounts payable.

Optical Character recognition is one form of technology that is essential to the digitization and automation process. When digitizing document management or automating invoice processing, you need software that can read the characters (such as words, figures, etc.) that make up those documents and convert png to pdf.

A document is created with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that allows businesses to search for information instead of having a static photograph. OCR greatly facilitated the digitization of paper documents and the processing of digital documents. However, it wasn’t very effective at reading handwriting. ICR, or Intelligent Character Recognition, can help with it.

What does ICR Technology mean?

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is a next-generation version of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). ICR technology enables computers to learn various handwriting styles and fonts while processing texts. It uses sophisticated language that directly targets specific words and phrases.

ICR technology – is a smart document reading tool, data is extracted and categorized from scan documents or image-based processing with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). ICR  technology is a renowned Data Management System (DMS) technology for assessing and decoding handwritten documents, based on a completely artificial neural network. Consistent adjustments and improvements have been made in this industry, and it is likely that technology will become more dependable over time.

Difference Between ICR and OCR

Emails sent to enterprises frequently contain numerous files, including JPEGs, PDFs, spreadsheets, and other documents. The multitude of forms makes processing these statistics difficult. OCR technology is being applied to cunning automation.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Reader

  • ICR recognition is an enhanced version, it captures detailed information
  • ICR software is able to recognize mixed handwritten styles and fonts
  • ICR technology is a subtype of OCR technology 
  • ICR is often configured to identify mixed handwritten documents

Optical Character Recognition Technology

  • Optical character recognition is unable to extract details such as signatures from the documents
  • OCR can also understand handwritten documents to some extent but it cannot read complex fonts
  • OCR, is a huge technology that includes ICR, IWR, and OMR as its subsets
  • OCR mainly focuses on printed or typed documents

ICR Technology Helpful for Companies

Techniques for utilizing new technology in the contemporary global business environment have also advanced during the period of technological advancement. More businesses are now automating workflows and streamlining procedures like bill-paying, purchasing, and other activities thanks to digital technology.

In the past, picture documents could be recorded using photo capture technology. Then, by recording the data on a report, new developments in photo indexing and personal popularity raised that to the next level. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) generated files that you can search and change are preferable to merely having a static picture. For organizations, using ICR technology to digitize paper documents and handle digital files has proven beneficial and less complicated.

When it comes to accuracy, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is a game-changer for companies, whether they are fully digitalized or still use paper files. If a business going to digitize its operations, but still need to deal with paper documents and handwritten documents such as receipts, invoices, purchase orders and other, ICR technology can be helpful in digitizing such files.

Using ICR technology can help cut down on document mistakes. Consequently, processing takes less time, and problems are discovered and repaired much more quickly. this provides an adequate experience for business workers and for customers.

These time-consuming processes, including validating scanned papers, don’t have to be done by staff members who are already strapped for time.

Some Best ICR software Out Market


This utility offers an OCR and ICR technology-based high-performance image recognition solution. It provides speedy and accurate ICR for processing document clusters with a sizable database conveniently for web and cloud applications.

A2iA Mitek

The company that offers cutting-edge character confirmation solutions, Mitek Systems, has acquired A2ia, a pioneer in AI and image analysis. Additionally, it enables it to recognize printed and manually typed text for desktop and mobile devices. 

A2iA Mitek’s ICR software is capable to work with Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) at the same time using a three-pronged approach. 

Final Remarks

With the aid of ICR technology, computer programs are able to process all types of fonts and styles. A number of businesses use it to identify their customers, and even banks do so. ICR technology overcomes human workload and helps the business with an accurate working process.

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