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First-ever smartphone with Kirin 9000 and a 7-inch, 21-megapixel Super-Vision+ panel. A flagship phone that will change the world of smartphones thanks to the latest Qualcomm processor and 5nm manufacturing process.

Snapdragon 888, Hexa-core processor, 3.0GHz octa-core (8x 2.84Ghz) 6nm process, Mali G77 GPU, Adreno 650 MP6 (12.7+ TOPS @ 1.80TOPS). The chipsets are not only powerful but also extremely fast on CPU, graphics cards, video streaming, low power consumption, and even battery life. In addition to Snapdragon 888, Huawei nova 8 has Hexa-core processor, Mali G77 GPU, Adreno 650 MP6 (12.7+ TOPS @ 1.80TOPS)*2 (8x 2.40Ghz), 4GB RAM (256 GB UFS3.1 and microSD), 4,200 mAh battery*3. The phone is 5.9mm thick and weighs just under 500 grams. *2 This is due to a 25% premium of the retail price compared to model 4.

Wimichrona 12

Noa 8 is probably the most compact phone in recent years and as such has many people talking about it as “small”. However, those few who have this phone know nothing about this phone other than its size. It comes in three color options including Space Gray, Midnight Black, and White Gold. The design looks similar to the last generation i.e. Space Gray edition. There is an LED strip around the back and a black bezel around the side. These LED strips have LED light-emitting diodes running around them. When you open the cell, what you see is two cameras at the top left corner and a USB Type-C port. At the bottom right corner of the screen, you find a fingerprint scanner while the buttons at the bottom remain the same as in previous generations. On one of these buttons, there are three buttons that we cannot remember the names. They are volume up, volume down, and power button. On the bottom left corner of the phone, there appears a flash, and on the top center the Flashlights function. Below the flashes is a power button. As expected from any other modern phone, the buttons are easy to use. You can simply press the power button once, the flashlight, connect to the USB-C port, and then turn it off and then again when you need to. All this is done via software. The charging adapter is hidden inside the box. As you may already notice on all modern phones, all of the USB ports are connected via some sort of connection to another type of connector called a C-type connector. There are 3 USB Type-C connectors on this phone, and they go through a series of tests designed into the box. One of the main functions of this phone is to charge the batteries. It comes with a charger inside the box, however, many customers complain about how much is needed to charge their phones. It should be noted that wireless charging is supported for this phone after having used the wireless cable provided inside the box. There is also a Bluetooth version available if you get a Bluetooth reader, a mini speaker, or a small headset jack provided for this phone and connect via your headphones to get the sound out of your phone.

The camera buttons are relatively simple, however, the voice control system is quite advanced. For instance, I was able to set my voice assistant to ask me “Hello?”. Then I would respond and say something like “please help me”. That has been helpful so far in dictation. Having said that, the touchpad is really intuitive and very quick to learn. My personal experience with using this phone so far is positive. Yes, there are certain mistakes to avoid with having a smaller display. Like the picture above. Some pictures will look awkward like in the middle. However, when it comes to taking photos, some pictures actually look very good on bigger phones, and here some pictures I took were very cool and crisp on the new Huawei nova 8. The photo below of this phone was taken on the space gray variant with full HD resolution cameras at 120 shots per second. Note that this photo of mine has been cropped to give the same effect you see in the image above. I hope with one of these phones, people will eventually agree with my observations, especially since the company behind this phone has taken into consideration that the users of smaller size phones will probably have less demand for these devices. I am sure, there is much more to come regarding these nova phones. We will soon see if the market will accept it or not. Until then, I will do all my best to keep my readers updated on the latest and greatest things around me. Thanks for reading!

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