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How to overcome the challenges of traumatic brain injury and regain independence?


TBI is a disabling condition that results from a traumatic event. Symptoms of TBI may include disorders of mood and behaviour, cognitive decline or impairment, difficulty with mobility, and in rare cases seizures. The impact varies depending on the severity of the injury but it can cause career-ending disability, leaving sufferers severely debilitated and in need of continuous help while they recover. However research has shown that a combination of exposure to light therapy has veterans benefits and can help individuals suffering from TBI by reducing symptoms such as lack of motivation and depression while improving motor skills and vision among other things.

While some patients may not have the correct access to these treatments, they are widely available and affordable, making them a viable option for those who are motivated to recover.

The Importance of Sunlight in Treating TBI:

There is a significant amount of evidence that suggests that sunlight exposure can help individuals suffering from TBI by reducing symptoms such as lack of motivation and depression while improving motor skills and vision among other things.

Sun exposure may also help improve energy levels, reduce feelings of depression or sadness, increase feelings of happiness and well-being and increase the ability to enjoy life’s activities. Sun exposure helps in preventing lipid peroxidation and has many veterans benefits which are associated with oxidative stress, inflammation and cell aging.

Symptoms of TBI:

1) Difficulty Thinking:

Some individuals suffering from TBI may have difficulty concentrating and concentrating, causing them to become easily frustrated. They may have difficulty with planning, prioritising or organising tasks as well as behaving impulsively. There is also a possibility of having poor verbal and writing skills, and addiction to alcohol or drugs such as cigarettes or cannabis.

2) Difficulty Interacting with Others:

Some individuals suffering from TBI may not be able to communicate properly with others normally. They will be unable to express themselves verbally in a way that people find easy to understand. They may have difficulty interacting with others in social situations, and poor self-control, impulsivity and indecisiveness.

3) Difficulty Remembering:

Some individuals suffering from TBI may find it hard to remember certain things such as names of people they know well or where they are going. Those suffering from TBI may find it difficult to move around and multi-task, while some other symptoms that are not the subject of this article may also develop.

4) Loss of Motivation and Low Energy Levels:

Some individuals suffering from TBI may lack the motivation to carry out their daily activities and may feel low energy levels. They will also be at a higher risk of developing fatigue and tiredness more quickly. This could be the result of damage to their frontal lobe, which controls motivation, planning and organisation. The individual may give up quickly on tasks where they have previously been able to complete with ease, or not attempt a given task at all.

5) Lack of Concentration:

Some individuals suffering from TBI may have difficulty concentrating or concentrating for long periods. They will also have difficulty completing specific tasks that need concentration such as paying bills or reading long books.

How to overcome the challenges of traumatic brain injury and regain independence?

As discussed above the most effective way of overcoming the challenges of TBI is by exposing yourself to sunlight. Even a few minutes exposure to sunlight will get you on your way to recovering from TBI, but to achieve this you may have to put in a bit of effort.

Getting Enough Sunlight:

1) Work outdoors when possible:

Find a profession that requires you to be outdoors as often as possible. If you cannot find one that allows you to do this, look for one that allows office work outside such as accounting or designing websites. You can also work outdoors during the weekends if your schedule allows. In doing so, ensure that your eyes are protected while outside and make sure not to over exert yourself physically.

2) Do some form of activity outdoors for at least 5 hours per week:

Choose an activity that you enjoy and will make you go outdoors. It could be anything from gardening to walking. Activities that are social are also great because they will encourage you to be outdoors more often and with the people around you.

3) Seek treatment for depression, anxiety or other mental health issues:

Take measures to reduce your risk of developing depression by keeping your mind occupied with stimulating activities and get professional help if you discover any symptoms to develop depression or an anxiety disorder. Talk to your doctor about a treatment plan that will best suit your needs so that you can continue doing what’s essential for your recovery effectively. Consider antidepressants as well as therapy if needed.

4) Compensate for lack of sunlight by using artificial light therapy:

Light boxes have become more popular in recent times because they provide the perfect solution to a broad range of health problems and conditions. With their strong UVB rays, light boxes are designed to help boost the body’s production of Vitamin D, which can be especially beneficial for individuals suffering from TBI. Since adequate Vitamin D levels are critical for proper brain function, protecting yourself from TBI will only be possible if you get enough Vitamin D. Light therapy offers an opportunity to do just that.


It is clear from the above that TBI can have a significant impact on individuals suffering from it. While some may not have access to the treatments described in this article, they are still available to most people with minimal cost. Anyone who is suffering from TBI or has a loved one experiencing symptoms of TBI should consult a medical professional to help with recovery.

Exposure to sunlight has many veterans benefits for human health and should be taken seriously by those wishing to improve their health and well-being.

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