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How Foodtech Software Can Help Your Business

If you have a business that involves food, you may want to consider using foodtech software. These systems can help you manage your inventory, ensure the quality of your products, and track your costs. While they’re not cheap, these tools are an investment that’s worth it in the long run. You can find more out on this link https://anyforsoft.com/technology/drupal-9-upgrade-and-migration-services/


If you’re into food and drink, you’re probably already familiar with ChefsFeed. It’s a food and drink aggregator. The best part is, it’s a free download. Plus, it’s got a snazzy new look. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got a snazzy app that lets you buy and eat food. So, now you can take your pick of the best restaurants in town without the hassle of a cashier or credit card.

In addition, they have a suite of other apps that can be useful to restaurants, diners, and cooks, alike.

Too Good to Go

The company, founded by a Danish group, has a mobile app that connects customers with restaurants that have leftover food. It sells surplus items at discounted prices. Customers can browse the available food items and pick up the desired item at the designated pickup time.

Too Good To Go has grown to nearly 200,000 customers. Currently, it’s in 15 European countries and plans to expand to the United States. The company has also raised $31 million in funding, with existing investors including Blisce, CVC Partners, and Kleiner Perkins.

According to the company’s website, Too Good To Go “rescues” a staggering 50 million meals each year. A major focus of the company is preventing and reducing food waste, with a commitment to the environment and a focus on sustainable consumption.

Formula Management Software

Food manufacturing software allows companies to manage their raw materials, inventory and production schedules. It also helps them avoid overstocking and make the right purchasing decisions.

Formulation management software enables food manufacturers to track recipes and ingredient substitutes. It also ensures that their recipes have been tested and approved. In addition, it keeps records of non-conformances and other issues. These programs can help reduce the time it takes to develop new products.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a variety of software. Some include recipe management, batch scaling, data analytics, and more.


LeanPath provides a complete food waste prevention solution for commercial kitchens. Their products include cameras, smart scales, software, cloud-based analytics and coaching services. These solutions empower front-line kitchen staff to reduce food waste.

The company’s Impact Suite includes Goals and Alerts features that provide action plans to address food waste. They also analyze and scan data from your LeanPath system to identify the areas you need to improve.

The Goals feature helps you analyze your data to determine the best places for you to cut back on food waste. It then creates action plans and monitors your progress on a daily basis. Moreover, it creates alerts to notify you when specific items are being wasted. You can choose to use the Alerts feature independently or as part of the Goals process.


As the world debates climate change, two of the most important areas are food and agriculture technology. These industries are consuming 70% of the world’s freshwater resources, and greenhouse gas emissions are increasing. Food and agriculture technology companies are focusing on solutions to address both issues.

Astanor is a venture capital fund that seeks startups that can help make a positive impact on the food and agriculture industry. The firm counts high-profile sector experts, farmers, and chefs among its network. This investment approach is based on a deep knowledge of agriculture, and an expertise in scaling new technologies.

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