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How does Dark Web Intelligence Proactively Fight Against Fraud?

Dark web intelligence proves to be very effective in fighting against fraud, and it also reduces losses. Fraudsters will not get a hint for breaching the security access with dark web intelligence. It refers to data collected from the Dark Web and the Deep Web. Dark web intelligence also collects data from malware networks, botnets, and other technical infrastructure. These days, many companies are offering web intelligence service that helps you fight against fraud.

You must understand the complete security you will get from dark web intelligence. Before, you must know some basic sources like the dark web and deep web.

What is the dark web?

It consists of encrypted online content that conventional search engines do not index. It needs a special browser for accessing content. Since it provides anonymity and privacy, it become a popular platform for cybercriminals. 

Let’s talk more about deep web intelligence. It helps organizations use three major feeds for analyzing security. Security experts use dark web intelligence, and they analyze a large volume of data for tracking security. With this, your company can concentrate on three crucial factors, including:

Identify frauds and account takeovers

With the data feed, you can identify compromised details that fraudsters use for identifying customers. Before any infiltration, you can identify this activity. Dark web intelligence will offer you account credential feeds. This refers to stolen personally identifiable information (PII) that hackers use for hacking accounts. Generally, these files are sold in bulk, and it contains full information, including a person’s name, email address, phone number, social security number, and IP address.

Payment card details: 

People will get data feed about stolen debit, prepaid, credit, gift card details, and more. These details are used by fraudsters for conducting unethical transactions. These details are sold widely on the dark web. It refers to the cardholder’s name, payment card number, and Card Verification Value (CVV). 

Mule account details: 

It offers data feeds about the financial mule accounts attached to the frauds, money laundering, and other financial crimes. The data includes the mule’s name, email address, and even bank account details that can cause questionable transaction details. 

Besides these three primary feeds, dark web intelligence also comes up with other details, including:

Targeted attack information:

Cybercriminals discuss targeted attacks on the dark web. Such information will be helpful for cyber security experts to protect customers or organizations from this attack. 

Vulnerability exploits:

Hackers always try new ways of hacking or unethically accessing a system or a network. They also discuss these things on the dark web. Cybersecurity professionals get access to this talk and stop the impending threats. 

Dark web intelligence can be an effective solution for protecting data and confidential details. These days, many companies offer web intelligence services that help businesses stay protected from these threats. 

Dark web intelligence identifies different types of fraudulent activities. It also tracks the trends to identify vulnerabilities. With the help of this service, organizations can strengthen their fraud prevention programs.

Since there is a sharp increase in digital transactions, it has become very important to safeguard customers’ security and safety. Cybercriminals are seeking opportunities to breach network security and make unethical transactions by hacking customers’ accounts. Account take Over scam increases with the increase in online transactions. 

Cybercriminals are smartly logging into an online banking account of a victim, even using a victim’s machine. Such activities are very hard to trace. 

Now, the scenario is changing since security experts are using the dark web for preventing fraudulent activities. With the help of dark web intelligence, companies can protect their customer data. It provides great help to security personnel as they can collect and analyze data that may cause a threat to security. Find out the best web intelligence service that will protect your organizations from such major data breaches. 

This service will help you monitor post-breach and pre-fraud situations, allowing you to take an actionable plan that will reduce fraud losses and financial crime.

Before choosing such services, make sure that your chosen name will offer a comprehensive service. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this web intelligence service.

  • Real-time protection – it gives real-time protection for users’ identity, order details, purchasing methods, and more.
  • Frictionless commerce – businesses can enjoy a smooth process, meeting customers’ security perfectly. 
  • Anomaly detection – this service is specifically designed for detecting anomalies immediately. 
  • Early warning: you will be warned against any kind of fraudulent activities before they attack your business.

Dark web intelligence is a strong weapon against sinister activities that steal data and cause financial loss. Using the dark web against dark web activities is the best solution for improving data security. If you need help, you can ask Acid, a dark web monitoring company that continuously tacking dark web activities to keep your organization safe from fraud. Visit their website to know more. 

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