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Do Game Boosters Work?

Game boosters are designed to make your gaming experience better. So, what is a game booster? Game boosters are software programs that allow one to launch games without managing the programs running on your desktop yourself.

No matter the type of game one is playing, game boosters help you focus on the game you are playing. They monitor how your game is running on your device. Game boosters use your data on temperature and the memory to automatically adjust your device setting to ensure you get the best gaming experience.

What Do Game Boosters Do?

This software program helps make improve your gaming experience by

  1. Temporarily shut down your device’s applications and functions.
  2. It will show all the games on the main menu when launching the game.
  3. Optimizes your device’s CPU, RAM, GPU, clear cache, and trash, thus giving you the best gaming experience you desire.
  4. Game boosters increase your frame per second by managing your operating system and non-essential applications.
  5. Game boosters also cool your device when it heats up.

The program also allows you to select and open the game on the booster utility. The game booster will then close all background applications running on your device. This allocates more resources for your game to run efficiently. If you are looking for gaming booster software to improve your gaming experience, you should check out https://www.razer.com/cortex/boost.

How Game Boosters Work on Phones.

The smartphone gaming industry has improved thanks to the release of graphics-intensive games and systems-on-chips. Game boosters on smartphones perform various functions such as:

  • Notification management enables players to focus on the game.
  • Background application management helps optimize the performance of your smartphone.
  • Battery and network management.
  • Some game boosters call blocking features that ensure no calls disturb you when playing games.

How Game Boosters Work On PC.

On your PC, game boosters free up memory for better performance. PCs have many background processes that may be hard for you to kill manually. Some game boosters will also optimize the game setting for better performance. Game boosters also turn off notifications on your PC to allow you to focus on playing the game.

The Perks and Cons of Using Game Boosters.


There are certain advantages of using game boosters. They include:

  • Better gaming performance.
  • System optimization on your device.
  • Cleans junk files on your PC freeing up more RAM, allowing your game to load smoothly, and preventing the system from lagging.
  • Some game boosters allow one to record and live stream their favorite games.
  • Notification management enables players to stay focused while playing their favorite games.


Game boosters also have their disadvantages. They include:

  • Game boosters may make the devices misbehave in unexpected ways.
  • Game boosters sometimes eliminate necessary processes on the device making it less stable. This may make you experience crashes on your device. Game boosters close background processes which means tasks such as downloads, uploads may not work until the game booster is switched off.

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