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CBD Vape Pen: What You Need to Know Before You Buy?

CBD is a recreational and wellness substance that is reliable in the modern pharmaceutical industry. The government of the United States has lifted the ban on CBD and CBD-infused products after a thorough study and research to regulate them within a safe concentration. Thus, the rise of the CBD vape pen increased in marijuana-legalized states in the US and Canada. 

If you have seen an advertisement for a CBD Pen or similar product, you may have given it a thought for the purchase. But you were not sure because of the complication in the selection process. Even though a CBD vape pen looks simple and easy to buy, there are various factors that one should consider. 

Unlike e-cigarettes and similar products, vape pens are much more intuitive when bought from a reputed manufacturer. To end this complication in making the purchase decision, we are here with five crucial tips that you must consider: 

5 Factors To Consider While Choosing Vape Pen

Here’s what you should keep in mind while getting a vape pen 

  • Adjustable Wattage or Pre-Configured Wattage

Vape pens come in shapes and features, but the most important is adjustable wattage to control the temperature. When you are buying a CBD vape pen with pre-configured wattage, you are not sure whether the vape pen will suit your needs or not. Wattage adjustment helps improve your overall experience, and you can find the proper vapor density. There are three settings – 

  • Low Temperature –Low wattage on a CBD vape pen creates fumes that aren’t dense, and you get air mixed into the vape while inhaling. As a result, you don’t get the authentic experience with CBD, but it can suit beginners positively. Beginners have an excellent time inhaling vaping, making them get the best for their vape journey. 
  • Medium Temperature – Increasing the wattage slightly higher increases the density of the vapor. You can feel that the CBD hits better than before and also suits most people. Even experts prefer medium temperature when they are vaping casually. 
  • High Temperature – Taking the temperature of the vape pen to a higher level means increasing the wattage to the maximum level possible. In this situation, you get excessive CBD in every inhale, and the dense vapor fumes are strong enough to make you feel the flavor. People using THC claim that higher temperature causes sedative effects quickly. 

Thus, you can find that temperature control or the option to adjust wattage plays an essential role in the overall experience. In addition, an add-on feature you get with the wattage control option – is a small display. 

A small display on a vape pen to check the temperature, battery level, and other features make your vape pen more customizable. You can change the display’s color or theme to match the surrounding. 

  • Flavors of CBD for your Vape

Most people use CBD oil to get the best experience with CBD flavor. Oil-based vapes are easy to travel with, and you can find these vapes slightly less expensive than other options. In addition, cleaning the heating chamber is straightforward and gives you an edge in keeping the vape pen clean for years. 

CBD oil comes in a wide variety of flavors, and there are many brands constantly introducing something new in CBD oil. So, you will not feel left alone when a unique flavor comes to the vape pen. The user’s experience is also enhanced when used with different types of flavors. The other options are dry CBD vape pens and wax-based vape pens. One buys them with a cartridge option. So, you must compare the features to understand what suits you the most. 

  • All Aspects Related to the Battery 

The battery of a vape pen is a critical component that may not seem crucial at first glance, but your vaping experience entirely depends upon this factor. When you are not at home and using the vape pen, but it suddenly runs out of battery after a few minutes of use, your vaping experience will suffer. There are three factors that you must check while looking at battery features –

  • Battery Backup or Run Time –A vape pen manufacturer who claims to offer at least one hour of battery backup is good enough to choose. 
  • Battery Charging Time – A vape pen that charges to max within two hours seems reliable enough to buy. Anything below two hours is suitable for a vape user. 
  • Replaceable Batteries – If you can replace the batteries and charge them separately, you can expect a quality experience. Such types of vape pens are easy to use and provide the best experience. 

Once you compare these factors, you can pick any vape pen out there in the market and avail the best usability. However, there are two more factors that you must consider. 

  • Manufacturer’s Credibility or Reputation

Many vape pen manufacturers claim to be the best ones even though they started their business a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, these claims may seem unreliable, and you can get fooled by such brands. Always look for reputed brands that have been in the business for many years. 

Canada vape shop provides a warranty and after-sales services and does not compromise with the product to keep on the list of top brands and also informs you if you can diy cbd vape oil. If you are unsure which brand to choose, you can look for a list of top-selling brands on e-commerce platforms and then find some of the top options you can consider. 

  • Check Reviews

To finalize the right CBD vape pen, you can get conclusive results by comparing brands and their product reviews. Furthermore, by comparing reviews from all the previous users, you can conclude that you will learn about the pros/cons and critical factors before buying the product. This method is also helpful in ensuring that you get the features the manufacturer has claimed so far. 


A vape pen that passes all the features from this list is an easy pick. You can consider additional factors like an easy-to-fill tank, high ohm coils, easy-to-clean quality, etc. You can compare designs, their weight, and pocket-friendliness so that you can easily carry the vape pen. Once you are done comparing all the key factors, buying a quality vape pen will be easy. 

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