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Bathroom Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2023

Classy designs stick around longer than any fad you will come across. This is true for everything from fashion to bathroom supplies. However, knowing what kind of trend to expect shortly is a skill that can earn you many brownie points. No worries, though. Even if you can’t predict the design trends for the next year, you can gather predictions from others and work on those to remain in style. And if you are getting work done on your bathroom, here are some trends you can keep in mind to get showstopping results.

Go Bold

Space is becoming a scarce commodity for many people. If you have a tiny bathroom or powder room that you don’t know what to do with, go dramatic. Minimalist designs are great when there is a lot of room to work with but if you are short on space, make the most of it by experimenting with colours and patterns. This dramatic design choice can surprise any visitor you are entertaining, taking the focus away from the limited space. Popping colours and wallpapers were strictly avoided until a few years ago, but the time has come to embrace this design trend. 

Make a Statement

For the past couple of decades, design choices have remained simple, subtle, and understated. It is time to make a statement with your interior design choices. Since most people have gotten used to simpler styles, extra dramatic design choices attack the senses. If you want to bypass this issue and still make a statement, go for ideas like statement marble or bathroom supplies in bold metallic tones.

Think Wainscoting 

Revival fashion is all the rage now, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t bring back wainscoting from the 90s. However, you don’t have to go with the old beaded half-wall style. Instead, think about adding half-panelling with modern tiles or gloss paint.

Choose Bidets

Everyone has known the existence and benefits of using a bidet but has yet to make the transition to using this. Now is as good as any other time to incorporate a bidet into your household. You can find options here, brand-new hi-tech toilets that give you a futuristic experience or slightly less tech-forward units that can be installed on your existing toilet. 

Bring Back Wetrooms

For a while, dividing the bathroom space into a wetroom and a dry area went out of style, only working for high-end hotels. Things are changing, and if you have enough room to spare, it is time to return to the wetrooms. Wetrooms make bathrooms multifunctional, giving a chance for separated sections without visually breaking them up. Apart from exuding a feeling of luxury, the wetroom’s extra space also has other benefits. For instance, the accessibility of the bathroom is increased this way, making it possible for ageing members of a household to remain comfortable. 

Eye for Details 

Speaking of the latest trends, keeping an eye on the details is the new fad in town. Everyone loves the next-level finesse that these details bring, from fluting on surfaces to millwork details. Be it on the backsplash or the cabinets, careful detailing can add a new element of sophistication to your space.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with every trend in the industry is going to be a never-ending business. However, if you want to stay in vogue without making expensive and permanent changes, you can think of less permanent design choices, like how you organise the supplies each time and keep your space afresh.

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