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Abbi Jacobson’s Artistic Collaborations: Partnering for Creative Excellence


Abbi Jacobson, renowned comedian, actress, and artist, has emerged as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Beyond her successful acting career, Jacobson has ventured into various artistic collaborations, demonstrating her diverse talents and passion for creative expression. In this article, we delve into the captivating partnerships Abbi Jacobson has formed throughout her career, highlighting the unique contributions each collaboration has brought to the artistic landscape.

Broad City: A Revolutionary Partnership

  • The birth of Broad City
  • Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s comedic chemistry
  • Breaking barriers and exploring contemporary issues
  • The impact of Broad City on popular culture

“Carry This Book”: A Collaborative Illustration Journey

  • Abbi Jacobson’s artistic endeavors
  • Partnering with Chronicle Books
  • Concept and creation of “Carry This Book”
  • Highlighting Jacobson’s whimsical illustrations

“A League of Their Own”: A New Take on a Classic Story

  • Abbi Jacobson joins the cast and production team
  • Collaboration with fellow actors and filmmakers
  • Exploring themes of female empowerment and camaraderie
  • Celebrating the legacy of the original film

Podcasting with “A Piece of Work”

  • Jacobson’s venture into the podcasting world
  • Collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • The exploration of modern art through conversations
  • Successful reception and impact on art appreciation

Creative Collaborations Beyond Entertainment

  • Abbi Jacobson’s work as a writer and illustrator
  • Collaborative projects with other artists and authors
  • Pushing boundaries and experimenting with new mediums
  • The evolution of Jacobson’s artistic style and voice


Abbi Jacobson’s artistic partnerships have showcased her versatility, creativity, and dedication to pushing boundaries in the entertainment industry. From the groundbreaking success of Broad City to her forays into illustration, film, and podcasting, Jacobson continues to captivate audiences with her unique vision and collaborative spirit. As she embarks on new creative endeavors, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter of Abbi Jacobson’s inspiring artistic journey.

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