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A Guide To Different Types Of Hair Extensions

If you have wished for a miracle that can give you long and luscious hair – hair extension is the answer! While it is not a permanent solution, hair extensions have unique benefits that you can enjoy. 

When you see a wholesale hair extensions marketplace, you realise the varieties to choose from. Thus, this article is to educate you about the uses and different types of hair extensions. 

Are you eyeing a new hairstyle? Read this before you make the decision!

What is the purpose of hair extension? 

Did you ever think about visiting a wholesale hair extensions market? If you are still postponing the visit, you might need some clarity on the purpose of hair extensions. While each consumer might have their requirements, below are some primary purposes of hair extensions: 

  • Improve the length: If you find it challenging to grow your hair and love lengthy hairstyles only on some occasions, hair extensions will help you. In addition to improving the length of your hair, it also ensures minimal maintenance, unlike natural hair. 
  • Better volume: Having thin hair can sometimes make it difficult to style it as you like. In addition, most people avoid applying hair products for fear of further damage to the hair. In such cases, hair extensions significantly increase the volume without damaging the original hair. 
  • Hide a bad haircut: Every person regrets at least one haircut they take. The only remedy to hide a bad haircut is adding hair extensions and filling up the chopped area. 
  • Colour streaks: This is one of the riskiest decisions you can take with your hair. Thus, the best option is to add an extension of the desired colour. This allows you to experiment with multiple colours without exposing your hair to harmful chemicals. 
  • Styling: The best way to try different hairstyles without chemicals and heat treatment is through hair extensions. Thus, you can turn your straight hair into curled hair. 

Considering the uses of hair extensions, the following section includes different types of hair extensions. 

Different types of hair extensions 

Now that the purpose of hair extensions is clear, it is essential to understand the different types available at the wholesale hair extensions marketplace. Below is a list to help you with it: 

  • Tape-in extensions: This type of hair extension takes an hour to fix on your scalp and increases the length of your hair by eight inches. It is known to reduce the strain on your scalp. 
  • Micro ring extensions: While these extensions are a little complicated, adding the original volume is easier. One downside of a micro ring is that it takes 4-5 hours for proper attachment. 
  • Weaving: These extensions are affixed with your original hair to give it a natural texture. The process is time-consuming as much as it brings out the best look. 
  • Clip-in extensions: This is the most convenient option for hair extensions. It hardly takes ten minutes to clip in and comes with a natural texture. 
  • Cold and hot fusion extensions: Both techniques are time-consuming and stay intact for about four to six months. Apart from the durability, this technique leads to the weakening and breakage of original hair strands.  

Final verdict

Therefore, if you are planning to treat your hair with extensions, it is essential to sort out the extension’s purpose or type. By doing this, you can ensure a wise choice for better styling. 

Apart from these choices, you can also select the texture, colour, or quality of hair. Additionally, many consumers are opting for eco-friendly hair extensions.    

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